How to create a blog on blogger

There are many ways to create a blog and the most important is to choose the platform, in our case we chose blogger it's free and very practical at the time of writing, besides that I'm used to this platform, so when do the Question How to start a blog? must first know where we will start.

Start a blog seem easy, but it is there to have some questions in mind which try to describe at this time so if you have the idea of creating a blog with blogger know what are the options you have to leave your blog better.

Create an email account on google

Blogger is a Google product so you will need to enter have an account then you can login using your email address and password you chose when creating an account at google. From then on when you want to change your blog entry will have to enter the Blogger control panel.

Once you enter is the time to create your blog on the button that says "New blog", it will ask you to enter the name of your blog and the same system checks if available on your chosen domain eg., below we choose the templates blogger to give the design to our blog, are the standard blogger but there are many websites where you can download free blogger templates such as where you can find many templates blogger any insurance will suit you.

Create our first entry into blogger

Already have ready the blog, but now you need content, it's time to create your blog post , just you click on the "New Entry" and you will see a screen where you must enter the contents of it, the title and you can put images and videos to feed your entry. as we can see in the following image:

We can only publish and we have our entry in blogger, then you will have many more possibilities, like making a custom blogger template, modify the css and html of the blog, add widgets like last blog entries and much more but not want to go into detail because this blog is intended for those who are just starting and do not want to mix things up and put together a confusion in their heads, there will be time to develop this article more in depth.

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